As most employers are discovering with the unprecedented disruption caused by the Coronavirus, we should prepare for changing work environments. What we are learning from the COVID-19 pandemic can be applied to other work disruption events such as wildfires, weather events, large-scale emergency events, or simply having a key employee move away.

To minimize disruption to your business, it may be necessary to have your staff work remotely. That might include your entire workforce, or just one or two staff members who find it necessary to temporarily work from home while caring for a sick family member or child who is home due to school closings. Are you prepared for a remote workforce? 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

• How will you track time to ensure your employees are being productive while working remotely? We can offers a variety of timekeeping solutions.

• Do you have “Working Remotely” protocols included in your Employee Handbook? We partner with a top HR provider who can review and update your Handbook.

• Do you offer direct deposit, so you don’t need to worry about paying your remote staff? We provide direct deposit as well as PayCards for those who don’t have bank accounts. We will make sure your staff gets paid regardless of where they are!

• Are your computers/monitors portable or able to be moved easily? Is anti-virus software installed on all computers?

• Are home internet connections secure or do you have a VPN to keep your information secure? Is the connection robust enough to handle the required bandwidth for your work?

• Can your business phones be forwarded to employees’ cell or home phones?

• Do you have a communication system set up for live chats with employees? Instant office communication is productive and keeps the staff connected as a team, relieving the feeling of isolation.

Payroll Vault is your trusted advisor, helping you prepare for unforeseen events that could affect your workforce and your business. Please contact us if you don’t want to go it alone!